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Sweater Weather Enamel Mug

Sweater Weather Enamel Mug

Regular price $16.50

Seasons are changing, leaves are turning, cool air, and evenings sitting out enjoying the weather (sweater weather) with a great mug of coffee or your favorite beverage!  Honestly this mug is great no matter where, the office, home, or on the go!  

This is an individually printed vintage reproduction mug in a sturdy enamel-coated steel with contrast rolled rim. These mugs look small, but hold a full 12 oz (A standard coffee mug holds just 11 oz.) It's lightweight, sturdy, and ready to stand up to all sorts of abuse. Each one is hand-dipped in enamel and intentionally left looking a little rustic.  Each mug may vary slightly due to being hand made.  

These are super high quality enamel mugs.