Killing me Smalls Enamel Mug

Killing me Smalls Enamel Mug

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These mugs are great for the office, or through in your bag for an hike or overnight trip, or even just for hanging out!!!(hint: fits a bottle of beer!) :)

If this quote doesn't take you back to your childhood not sure what will!!!

This is an individually printed vintage reproduction mug in a sturdy enamel-coated steel with contrast rolled rim. These mugs look small, but hold a full 12 oz (A standard coffee mug holds just 11 oz.) It's lightweight, sturdy, and ready to stand up to all sorts of abuse. Each one is hand-dipped in enamel and intentionally left looking a little rustic.  Each mug may vary slightly due to being hand made.  

These are super high quality, heavy enamel mugs that withstand a lot of abuse.